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Lutheran Gay Weddings Condemned by Russian Orthodox Church

Freitag 20. Januar 2006 von Presbyterians Week

Presbyterians Week

Lutheran Gay Weddings Condemned by Russian Orthodox Church

During the last annual meeting of the Holy Synod, the Russian Orthodox Church decided to break up the relations with the Lutheran Church of Sweden. „It is with great disappointment and sorrow we have learned that the Lutheran Church of Sweden not only failed to oppose the so-called same-sex marriages but also issued a decree to establish an official blessing rite for those marriages,“ says a statement issued by the Synod. „Approving the shameful practice of same-sex marriages is aserious blow to the entire system of European spiritual and moral values influenced by Christianity. Such novelties undermine the moral foundations of European civilization and cause irreparable damage to its spiritual influence on a worldwide scale.“ The Evangelical Lutheran Church is the largest Protestant Church in Sweden and holds the status of state religion.


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